Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Goodbye Sydney!

How can you summarise an incredible journey of 15 months around the world? While sitting on the veranda of a little bungalow in Swan Inn in Ubud, Bali, I will reflect on our experiences and try to give you an understanding of our adventure. This is my first blogging attempt, and I am always open to constructive feedback. My aim is to share my journey, my fears and anxieties, the good and the bad times during our transformational trip which might inspire you to follow your dreams.

I will be providing references such as names, phone numbers or website URLs for information purposes only. I do not have any financial agreements with any of these people or sites. However, I feel that sharing these details might help fellow travellers.   

Let’s get started!

Alex and I have been living in Australia for more than 6 years and we always wanted to take some time off and travel the world. Unfortunately, due to our visa restrictions, we weren't able to leave the country for more than a month at a time. When we became permanent residents in November 2012, we decided to make our dream come true and left for an unforgettable journey which would radically change both of us.

Our life in Sydney was good. Both of us had stable jobs we mostly enjoyed. We were living in a small apartment in Bondi Beach and taking pleasure in the beautiful life style of Sydney. We had good friends to share our lives. Yet, we were still curious to find out what the world had to offer.

Deciding on the date of our departure was difficult. Even at one point I did not want to leave. I was too comfortable with my routine and did not want to take steps towards the unknown. I am the type of person who needs safety and security. Guess what? Leaving everything behind and going on a journey around the world certainly scared me at the time.

Is this usually what happens to us? Do we just get too comfortable with our stable lives and develop a pseudo security which creates fear of change? It was certainly the case for me. Instead of giving up our apartment, we tried to hold on to it through subleasing. We found a nice couple who wanted to rent our fully furnished apartment while we were away. Unfortunately, 2 weeks before our departure, there was a problem with our landlord and subleasing did not happen. Within those 2 weeks, we managed to sell most of our furniture and possessions. It was amazing to see how much stuff we accumulated within five years! It was a stressful period but when I look back now it was definitely worth it. It gave us the freedom we needed.  

Our garage sale in Bondi Beach
After quitting our jobs, selling everything and storing some personal items in a friend’s garage, we were ready to take off. As a person who likes security, I even questioned if it was worth leaving everything behind to do this trip. I believe we do not take enough risks in our lives. We try to make it as predictable as possible to feel safe. Certainly, I used to be this way. Now I think LIFE is not meant to be secure, predictable or lived in a routine but it has to be enjoyed and experienced. At the end of this journey, I feel rejuvenated, alive and freer than ever before. My wife and I are grown in many different ways which will be discussed in coming chapters. This whole journey was priceless and I am very grateful to be able to do such an incredible trip. My advice to you is to live it up and do what feels right in your heart!

Last day with my students


  1. Great start to blog, hope you can post regularly. I am especially curious about how the trip is financed eg: did you work etc.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I will be posting (hopefully) every 3rd day. We saved up while we were in Sydney and didn't work during our trip. We met many people who were volunteering through Helpex (http://www.helpx.net/) where you can get free accommodation and food. We picked fairly cheap countries to travel and had a daily budget to monitor our spending. Travelling is cheaper than most people think. Best of luck in your journeys.