Sunday, 8 March 2015

Bohemian Life in Buenos Aires

Streets of Buenos Aires

After a fantastic start to 2014, we were ready to conquer the capital of Argentina. Before we arrived in Buenos Aires, we reserved a loft through Airbnb which turned out to be incredibly cheap. Our host Martin greeted us and showed our huge room for the next twelve days.

On our first night in this lively city, we met Juan Pablo and his girlfriend. We asked them directions to a nearby restaurant and they were happy to take us there. On the way, talked about our travels and experiences. He invited us to a party at his place after half an hour of meeting. I just love the openness, friendliness and enthusiasm of the Argentinean people. They are full of joy and happiness. We caught up with Juan Pablo a couple of times during our stay in this beautiful city and became good friends.

Street Musicians

Buenos Aires is a big, vibrant city that provides incredible cultural and historical points of interests. Some of the must see places are La Boca, Plaza de Mayo, Teatro Colon, Casa Rosada, MALBA, San Telmo Markets, Palermo, El Tigre, Retiro, Puente de la Mujer and Japanese Gardens. There is so much to discover in this incredible metropolis. Our time was filled with sightseeing, art museums, tango and milonga shows, graffiti tours, and amazing music. This is a city of culture, art, dance, melancholy and joy.
Street Tango

Argentina is famous for its meat and steaks. Although, I don’t eat a lot of meat any more, I wanted to try if they were living up to the expectations. We went to a local parrilla in Palermo Soho neighbourhood. Parrilla means grill or steakhouse in South America. At Don Julio,  I tasted the best steak I have ever had in my life, accompanied with a delicious red wine called Septima. The whole experience was divine. Here is an article by the Guardian on top 10 restaurants in Buenos Aires if you like to indulge yourself.

There are also some amazing bakeries and gelato (ice-cream) shops in Buenos Aires. We tried many of them and one of our favourite ones was Fratello in Palermo. But there are so many others, so feel free to make up your own opinion.

If you have a sweet tooth like I do, you definitely need to try the “Alfajores” which is a traditional shortbread sandwich filled with dulce de leche (caramel filling). We certainly put on a couple of kilos during our time in Argentina.   

We really enjoyed out time in Buenos Aires but I couldn’t imagine myself living there. Although, it is full of art and culture, it is simply too crowded. The metro is always full and there is a lot of traffic. For me it is a great city to visit but not to live. However, Alex mentioned that she could easily live in Buenos Aires for a couple of year. We will see... 

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