Saturday, 21 March 2015

Incredible Iguazu Falls

The view from the Brazilian side

Our last stop in Argentina was the magnificent Iguazu Falls. We flew from Buenos Aires to Foz de Iguazu on the 15th of January 2014. Located between Brazil and Argentina, these waterfalls are definitely one of the greatest natural wonders on this planet. You will need at least 2 days to cover both sides of the falls and my advice would be to stay on the Argentinian side, which is cheaper and nicer.

We were advised to visit the Brazilian side first. After crossing another border, we were welcomed with the wonderful view of this gigantic waterfall. Its semicircular shape has a width of almost three kilometres and drops vertically some 80 metres in a series of cataracts. It is really hard to describe the magnificence of it and the pictures don't do justice to the actual experience. For me, it is the best water related natural wonder on Earth. On the way back, we visited Foz, a small city on the Brazilian side. It wasn’t a very interesting town but at least we spent a couple of hours in Brazil.

An overview from Argentinian side!

The next day was even more impressive. Argentina seems to have put a lot of effort into their side. There are many wonderful walks in the park where you can admire the nature. We spent the whole day there and didn’t want to leave. Some of the highlights were the boat trip to the falls and visiting the “Garganta del Diablo” which means the Devil’s throat. I haven’t seen so much water moving so quickly in my life. Marvellous! 

Visit to the Iguazu Falls was the perfect finish to our adventures in Argentina. We simply loved this country, felt connected with their welcoming and friendly people. Very grateful for our memorable experiences in Argentina.

A quick stop in Paraguay!  

We left Argentina on the 18th of December 2014 and took a bus to Asuncion in Paraguay where we were going to catch our plane to Bogota in two days. This trip was necessary as the flights to Colombia were cheaper from Paraguay. However, if you have the budget, I would recommend to fly directly to Colombia because Paraguay is definitely not the most interesting country to visit.

After a long journey, we arrived in Asuncion, the capital. We stayed in a colonial house at the city centre. We didn’t really do much apart from relaxing and walking around the historical town. Some of the buildings were quite run down and we didn’t feel very safe especially at night. However, we discovered a fantastic restaurant not too far away from our guest house and had most of our meals there. It is called Restaurant Bolsi if you end up visiting this ordinary city. After 2 days of relaxation, we were ready to embark a new adventure in Colombia.

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